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Why should you be hired for this internship? How to answer this

Why should you be hired for this internship

An internship is a short-term opportunity for students during their college or after college to work in an organization. This term not only bridges between what they learned in college and real-world practical applications of the skills but also teaches them about the organizational culture. An internship may be of paid or unpaid. With the cut-throat competition out there, getting an internship is quite challenging. 

How does an internship help in a student’s career?

  • Internship exposes students to real-world experience
  • It teaches students the time-management
  • It encourages networking
  • Internship adds weight to the student’s Resume
  • It acts as a career foundation

How to answer “Why should you be hired for this internship?”

An internship interview may be the first time a student appears to a meeting. There may not be that much difference in questions for an internship than for a job interview. So, practice all the possible common interview questions that may be asked and make sure that you are well prepared. Being a student or recent graduate, one of the questions you may face is, ” why should you be hired for this internship?”. The only thing you have to be careful while answering this question is not to say any generic answer like I am qualified or I’m smart. Come up with something unique what other candidates won’t say.

Prior research about the company, its background, top management, and future outlook would help this. Understand why the interviewer is looking from you and sell that. Nail it with one perfect answer to make them understand that you are the right person that should hire for a particular internship. 

While answering to Why should you be hired for this internship question:

  • Start an answer saying that you researched the company thoroughly, reviewed the application, and understand what the company is looking for.
  • Proceed by stating your relevant work/volunteer/project/community experience in the same field and how you have handled similar work before.
  • Share your strength, technical skills, and related education/training/certification you’re acquired.
  • Share any accomplishments/awards/achievements that make you unique.
  • End the statement by mentioning what you will bring to the table on hiring you.

Even though the question, why should you be hired for this internship question seems easy, it is a kind of tricky question. This question is so powerful that the interviewer will make the hiring decision with just this question. Showcase your skills and answer confidently. Go through the possible answers and frame the best response to get in hands your first internship.

Example answers for why should you be hired for this internship

Example 1:

I have done some in-depth research about the position and your organization. I hope I understood what you are looking for and believe that I possess the necessary skills. During my graduation, I had a paper where our team had done a project concerning your industry. From your website, I also came to know that you people are involved with some NGOs as part of your corporate social responsibility. This initiative aligns with my passion as I am also worked and volunteered for some similar NGOs. Being able to part of your team, I am also looking for some opportunity to expand my vision in the same field. I am available for a time frame of three months, and I can start immediately. 

Example 2:

While reading the responsibilities and requirements for the internship, I felt that my skills are best suited for this internship. I am about to finish my final year of college. I have been taught of much great information by my professors. I am a quick learner and always think outside of the box to solve any problems with new ideas. I was the one who got the first price on an ideation challenge by your company in the last year for college students. I also have written some in-depth academic papers and worked on some projects that sync with the job description.

Now it is time for trying my knowledge in some real-world applications. I feel it gives me a distinct advantage over the other candidates as I don’t need to start from scratch and require less training. Provided an opportunity, let me show my work rather than speaking more about myself.  

 Example 3:

Well, Although I’ve gathered a solid foundational understanding in this domain, I believe that the best approach to move forward is to acquire practical working experience in a proven platform like your organization. The moment I found your job description and duties, I knew that I’m absolutely a perfect match for this internship. I have all of the abilities and credentials listed in the work description.

Being got an opportunity to be part of some campus ambassador program and placement coordinator during the college, I have acquired enough experience in identifying the right candidate for a particular position or task. In most cases, I was good at my decision. I believe that this experience will add value to the offered internship in Human Resource. Besides that, I am also doing my part-time PGDMA in HR Management. I feel this will make me an ideal candidate for the position.

Example 4:

From my schooldays onwards, I was much passionate about reading and writing. During my first year in college itself, I started creating digital content. I started a blog in WordPress, where I had some hands-on experience in designing websites and still am regularly feeding some fresh content weekly. Both the personal responses and analytics data motivate to do more. Being already having some experience in content writing, I know how to write engaging and SEO-optimized content.

Meantime I also have undergone some training and certifications on WordPress Development, SEO & Social Media Marketing, and Content Writing. The details about the same have been added on the Resume. Now I use to initiate some social media promotional campaign for the best performing content on my blog. Along with my Resume, I have attached a sheet with a quick audit of your website and how to improve it. Provided an opportunity, I will be able to able to apply my skills on a large brand like you and also get some guidance from experienced and learned teams that are already on board.


There is no magic formula, tip, or examples for any answer to an interview question. You have to do your homework and get familiar with all the common interview questions and answers. The question, why should you be hired for this internship, is asked to analyze your competitive spirt and check how well you can market and sell yourself. Take the above examples as references only and create your own unique answers and stories. Win your employer by describing your most selling points that summarize all your abilities, strengths, and achievements. 

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