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What is a cognitive test?


Cognitive tests are a crucial part of the recruitment process of many companies and organizations. It is an amalgamation of multiple psychometric tests combined to measure a candidate’s intelligence. This intelligence test brings together various aspects like logic, problem-solving, and reasoning, to mention a few.
The cognitive ability test traces its origin to the end of the 19th century as a method deployed to measure the status of general mental ability among people. With time, it has become a highly accurate assessment as it started adopting standardized methods of qualitatively and quantitatively segregating intelligence scores to make it fit for interpersonal comparisons. This success of the development of cognitive ability tests has resulted in most of the companies making it a necessary tool of the selection process irrespective of the nature of the job position. As a prospective employee, you may probably have to encounter one in your career path.
The inevitable components of cognitive ability tests are as follows.
It aims to measure a candidate’s numerical reasoning ability. This is a proxy to understand one’s ability to process, analyze and implement numerical and statistical operations in a given data. This ranges from simple entry-level numerical reasoning questions to very complex questions which require the application of the mind.
Verbal reasoning questions are aimed at measuring professional communication skills and basic grammatical skills. It also includes testing inferences from complex paragraphs.
Visual diagrams are implemented to measure one’s abstract reasoning abilities. Abstract reasoning also includes your ability to identify information that is missing or even complete of a sequence.
Spatial awareness is another component of cognitive ability tests. It looks too to measure the ability of a candidate to engage with the patterns and shapes. The test method involves the rearrangement of shapes to create new and innovative ones, along with the requirements to visualize patterns when they are rotated or shown from another perspective.
Basic principles of Physics and Logic are implemented in mechanical reasoning questions which comprise a small but decisive part of cognitive ability tests.
The distinctive feature of cognitive ability tests from other components of the selection process is that it is time-constrained. The number of questions a candidate completes within the time allowed talks about the person’s time management abilities and quickness to handle situations. Even though the cognitive ability test usually comes with a multiple choice question pattern, the difficulty level varies considerably depending on the requirements of the job position you are applying for. Making oneself familiar with this method of selection through continuous practice and preparation is the best way to deal with this. Given the importance of cognitive ability in the job market as a substitute for measuring once adaptability and learning skills, the role played by it cannot be underestimated by a good candidate.

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