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Technology Innovation Fellowship by Kerala Start-up Mission


Government of Kerala is inviting applications from experienced professionals and motivated youngsters to its one-year Technology Innovation Fellowship by Kerala Start-up Mission. The program aims at bringing people together who are curious and passionate about creating a start-up eco-system, having a diverse background and can communicate well with both technical and non-technical people. The team whole together work towards the Government’s mission of making Kerala a vibrant hub of tech start-ups and talent pool skilled in emerging technologies.

To achieve the goal of fellowship, selected fellows will be assigned to worth with KSUM, other Government bodies, start-ups and other stakeholders, industry leaders and associations. Each fellow will be provided mentorship and necessary connections by a mentor or a host institute.

Objectives of the Fellowship by Kerala Start-up Mission

  • Identify people with the potential to create an impact in the various focus areas of KSUM through advocacy and active implementation
  • Identify and bring people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives together to achieve the common goal of promoting tech entrepreneurship.
  • Support motivated people with the necessary knowledge, connects and guide them to achieve goals set forth in the fellowship program

Outcomes for the fellowship by Kerala Start-up Mission

At the end of one year, fellows are expected to

  • Be identified as the go-to-person in Kerala for people, organizations & communities operating in their area they chose
  • Create and lead spin-off programs which aligns with the goals of Startup Mission. KSUM will support them through community grants and other relevant schemes.
  • Get placed in organizations which are partnering with KSUM for achieving various fellowship objectives

Fellowship Program Outline

Each fellow will be assigned a reporting officer and a host institute based on their project.

Induction Program

  • About KSUM, its objectives, and existing programs
  • Orientation on how to work with the Govt. and KSUM to create programs and interventions for tech entrepreneurs
  • Connecting with organizational partners and stakeholders for various fellowships
  • The setting of the expectations and activity plan for the fellowship duration

Weekly checking in (with the reporting officer and host institute)

Monthly Fellowship Meet-up (beginning of every month)

  • Presentation of past month progress and plan for next month
  • Reorienting the goals and approach based on the progress, challenges, and opportunities

Monthly publishing of work
Quarterly review with CEO, KSUM

The opportunity is open for other state candidates also.

  1. Research Fellow for Future Lab ( 2 Position)
  2. Senior Fellow- Startup Investment (1 Position), Women Empowerment (1 Position), and Product Commercialization (1 Position)
  3. Incubation Fellow (2 Position) 
  4. IEDC Fellow (4 Position) 

Apply for Fellowship by Kerala Start-up Mission

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